Flat Flex Cable Assemblies
Silicone Power Cable Assemblies
J-Box Test Aid


Product - Flat Flex Cable Assemblies

Flat Flex Cables are durable low profile cables form 1 to 32 flat conductors with high flexibility and easy to be folded for special fit applications. For Power Cables a solid flat conductor 2 in. wide and 0.50 in. thick can carry 130 amps with special noise filtering characteristics. Cables can be delivered with a variety of terminations. 1) solder tab, 2) contacts, 3) and clincher connectors.

Silicone Power Cable Assemblies

This High Current, High Flexibility cables are constructed of a 6 AWG Silicone jacketed cable. Originally designed for shipboard use for the Navy, these cables are ideal for high power terminations. Each end can be terminated with a variety of lugs that are hydraulically crimped for reliable terminations. For more information contact us for details.

T-Box Test Aid
This handy test aid is an automatic, and self-contained relay box with a Normally-Open relay contact capable of carrying 0.5 Amps of current. The relay close time (Pulse) and the frequency of closure (Delay) are adjustable. The time base is very stable. This test aid is very useful where a repetitive closure of contacts or connection is needed, such as for a motor starter or checking electromechanical devices.
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