Flat Flex Cable Assemblies
Silicone Power Cable Assemblies
J-Box Test Aid



We offer solutions for your product development by supplying you with the following services:
  • Circuit Design: Analog and Digital, Embedded Microprocessor, Power Supplies and High Power RF (including ceramic VTs)
  • Parts Procurement
  • Proof of design (prototyping or first-article) using our CAE/CAD tools
  • Professional Documentation and hardware per your requirements
  • Help with Test Lab Tooling, Submissions and Certifications

Prototype or First Article

If your requirements call for a prototype or first-article, our partnerships with proven venders can provide high quality processes such as:

  • Machining and Sheet metal
  • Painting and Silk-screening
  • Electronic or Mechanical Assembly (Including Cable Assemblies)
  • Help with Test Lab Tooling, Submissions and Certifications
  • PC Board Manufacturing
    • Including Aluminum and Copper Core
    • Teflon and Thermount
    • Embedded Resistors
    • Flex and Rigid-Flex
    • Certifications
      • ISO9002
      • MIL-PRF-55110
      • MIL-P-50884 D
      • Mode Z Northrop Grumman
      • UL and JPL Approved
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